Our Journey

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One day I was shopping at the local grocery store for another new granola to try. It was then that I realized that I had an obsession with granola. I tried so many different flavors and brands. Sure they were good, but I never felt fully satisfied. I wanted a granola that would help curb my craving for something yummy, while staying healthy. This is when Twin Oats was born!

Then the testing phase began.  My first flavor was White Chocolate Cinnamon Roll.  I made a batch and rolled it into bites.  My husband just so happened to be cooking up some dinner as I was finishing the first batch.  I thought this would be the perfect chance to see what he thinks.  So I said, "Here, try this!"  He, the guy that does not like white chocolate; LOVED IT!  He started to request them for Scout hikes.  He wanted a portable snack that would give him energy but not weigh him down.  As a Cubmaster, he knows all too well about how Trail Mix got named.  Probably because all the peanuts, pretzels and chocolate end up on the trail.  The Oat Bites solved both of these problems.

Twin Oats is licensed and located in the heart of Loudoun County, Virginia's Wine and Farm Country. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from vetted agriculture providers and responsible sources. We create delicious small-batch handcrafted oat bites, tarts, instant oatmeal, and oat milk from simple wholesome ingredients.  All of our products are Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, and Dairy Free. We use the finest organic grains, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and gluten-free oats to help keep you going. Each product is a true labor love that will delight your palette.