Are our products VEGAN?

YES!  All of our products are Vegan.



Are our products dairy free, egg free and soy free?

Yes! All of our products are egg free and dairy free.  We often use Organic Coconut Milk as a dairy substitute.  Our organic chocolates are soy free.



Are our products gluten free?

Our products are gluten free.  All products are made using Organic Gluten Free Rolled Oats.  Please note that our products are prepared in a facility that handles flour and wheat.  We take every precaution to make sure that cross contamination does not occur.  Due to the nature of food preparation, we cannot guarantee our products to be gluten free.



Are there nuts in our products?

YES!  We are nuts about nuts! Depending on what you are purchasing, products may contain PEANUTS, CASHEWS, WALNUTS, ALMONDS, or PECANS. 



Are the Oats Bites Raw?

YES!  Our Oat Bites are tediously prepared with the highest regard for quality.  Some things in nature are best left untouched.  No baking here, just packed full of the good stuff! Please note that we do use organic roasted Valencia peanuts and sunflower seeds.  



Are custom orders available?

YES! Custom orders are available.  We have many different options to chose from.  Please contact us at info@twinoats.com for more information.



Do we deliver our products?

YES!  We are happy to offer free local delivery in Western Loudoun County, VA.  Orders for delivery have a minimum order amount of $20.00




Do we offer holiday gift boxes?

YES!  They will be offered on our website during the holiday season and can be special ordered for special occasions. Please contact us at info@twinoats.com to inquire.